Peaches the Magical Pearl

An Adventure Story for Kids Awaiting a New Brother or Sister


Far off the shore, where the ocean gets gemmy,
Sails a pirate named Liam and a mermaid named Remi.

With each wave they crest, one after the other,
The sea brings adventure to this sister and brother.

For Liam and Remi aren’t like all the rest.
They have special powers that aid in their quests.

Liam can see past horizon and mist,
And calm the whole sea with a flick of his wrist.

He’ll climb up the mast, clear up to the sky,
And chart out their course with his sharp eagle eye.

Remi can soothe any creature she sees
With the hum of her voice, and her sweet melodies.

With ruby red fins to send her leagues down below,
Remi searches for secrets where no man can go.

Then “No wonder!” you’ll say, “That ships far and wide,
Never find as much treasure as The Sapphire Tide!”

And right you would be, for there are stories of old
Of The Sapphire Tide and the treasures it holds!

But Liam and Remi, those two, they know better.
They know the real treasures are their adventures together.

They’re lucky, they know, through life’s stormy bends,
To not only be siblings, but also best friends!

Then one day on their travels to a faraway shore,
They discovered a map boasting rare things galore!

They sailed and they swam ‘til it grew bright and hot.
Then Liam dropped anchor, shouting, “X marks the spot!”

Down Remi shot like a bullet through waves.
She whirled and twirled through caverns and caves.

Gazing over the sides, at the surf all a-glister,
“I’m lucky,” thought Liam, “That a mermaid’s my sister!”

Then Remi popped up, sparkling bright as the sun,
And said, “Throw me a net! This thing weighs a ton!”

The crew tugged and tugged, and up came the haul.
Diamonds and emeralds… This chest had it all!

As they scoured through loot, the crew in a whirl,
They found at the bottom a rare sort of pearl!

A wonder, it was, like nothing they’d seen!
It glowed and it glimmered and shimmered and gleamed.

The deck fell to a hush, no sound of flute or of fife,
For the treasure they’d found was the Pearl of Life.

The mates doffed their hats; Remy started to sing.
For the Pearl of Life makes the most magical things!

“That’s how we were born!” she shouted with glee.
“Will it be a pirate like Liam, or a mermaid like me?”

“It looks like a peach!” Liam exclaimed.
“So we’ll call it Peaches – what a wonderful name!”

For months, they took watch; kept it safe, snug, and warm,
And it grew and it grew and began to take form.

One day, as it started to squirm, stretch, and wiggle.
They waited and listened, and heard a small giggle.

In a flash, and at last! In a bright flash of light,
It burst forth from the Pearl, a magical sprite!

“Splendid!” said Liam, and Remy, “What can I say?
It’s neither pirate nor mermaid…
It’s special, in its very own way!”



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