Travel Recovery Pro Tips

{{A few essentials I can’t live (or fly) without, to help rejuvenate the body inside and out…}} 

Airports and planes can be headaches and pains, and while we can’t control all of the factors that go into making a flight environment or experience pleasant, I can share a few things from my own personal regimen:  let’s call it my little air travel survival kit.

1 – WATER 

If we’ve heard this once, we’ve heard it a thousand times, but really (no bull), how many times have we actually listened and heeded this advice?  I did about 10% of the time, if I’m being generous (or if I’m lying), until I started flying 6-10 times per month.  Simply put, humidity on a plane can be up 50% lower than what you’re comfortably used to.  Who cares, right?  Well, your skin, your hair, your energy, and your immune system for starters.  Raise your hand and roll your eyes if you’ve caught a cold, or worse, the flu, from some derelict who decided to fill an enclosed space with his or her projectile sneeze and cough germs for two hours.

Here’s the deal:  humidity in the air moistens your airways, allowing them to trap germs and prevent bacteria from entering your body.  You can’t argue with that.  It’s science.  Making this your number one priority will help guard against sickness, while also helping prevent alligator skin, Richard Simmons hair, and the energy levels of a coma victim.  Bonus points:  the more hydrated your cells, the more efficient they are at burning fat, so if you won’t do it for your health, do it for all that extra junk food you ate while on vacation.  Think ahead, be proactive, and chug a lug.

👉 My move: I buy a liter water bottle (half of the suggested intake for the day) as soon as I pass through security and make sure I’ve finished it by the time I get off the (first) plane. water

❤️ Extra love:  When you get home, infuse water with yummy fruits and herbs so you’re sure to gulp more of it down.  To make this a travel option, fill a water bottle with your fruits and herbs, but leave the water out until you get through security.


I’ve never been much of a germaphobe, but now that the travel requirements of my job make me much more susceptible to illness, I’m the queen of Wet Ones and hydrogen peroxide. You may think this next tip is nuts, and you wouldn’t be the first.

It’s an old wives’ remedy that has been thought to combat the flu, and it goes a little something like this:  lay on your side, drop a  half cap full of hydrogen peroxide into your ear, wait three minutes, flip, drain, repeat.  Full warning, the sensation is bizarre, disconcerting, and tortuously ticklish at first.  It may drip into your nasal passages, which is fine (think neti pot), and because it’s affecting your inner ear, it can also make you feel a little dizzy, temporarily.  But as I understand it, most illness-causing bacteria enter our systems through our ears, nose, and throats, and hydrogen peroxide can kill the bacteria that may have entered your system on a plane, that are then lying in wait to wreak havoc on your immune system.

From the reading I’ve done, there’s no harm in doing this unless you do it too often–so save it for after high-volume germ environments like planes or hospitals, or when you feel the onset of cold or flu symptoms.  I have to say, in the past 16 months, I have been on over 50 different aircraft carriers, and I’ve been sick a grand total of one time.  There are, of course, more foundational factors that contribute to my good health, like nutrition, vitamins, water, and sleep, but this little baby is my sniper rifle waiting at the back lines to take down anything that may have slipped past my normal defenses.

👉 My move:  I use a travel shampoo bottle for squeeze ease, so it’s already TSA friendly when it’s time to pack!  It’s also handy for when you accidentally drop your toothbrush on the hotel bathroom floor.

❤️ Extra love:  Have a Q-Tip ready and waiting. A Q-Tip will never have felt so good.


I don’t think I need to tell anyone that plane seats are terrible and perpetuate the EPSOM SALTever-worsening decline of modern day posture.  But good news:  a hot bath isn’t just a pampering luxury item–it is a valuable, practical application for maintaining joint and muscle health.  Draw a bath with Epsom salts and some relaxing essential oils, and soak it up. Do some stretches in the tub, practice deep breathing, and just take a moment to relax. 

Post bath, whip out the yoga mat and get next level with your muscles and joints.  You know what they say:  “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”  Structural health is no joke:  everything in your body is connected to your spine, and every movement you make flows from it.  In my own experience, I have found that the more often I practice yoga during and after travel, the less often I feel the need for a chiropractic adjustment (sorry, Dr. Grande!), or even a massage–but believe me, I am opposed to neither.

👉 My move:  I typically do a variation of the following postures to work through travel tension:  Sun Salutation A, Cat & Cow, Puppy Dog, Sitting Half Spine Twist, Reclined Spine Twist, Child’s Pose, and Bridge (you can massage your shoulder blades into the floor with this pose).

❤️ Extra love: If you’re packing a carry-on, you won’t fit your yoga mat, but you will fit your yoga towel.  Use it for hotel yoga or take it with you to a studio so you don’t have to rent a used one.


Let’s face it (pun intended), your skin has just been through a totally garbage time and deserves a little extra attention.  As with our insides, our outsides need extra cleansing and hydrating post-plane, too. Even oily skinned people like myself need to keep their skin plenty juiced. 

Find a quality cleansing masque and a quality moisturizing masque.  Apply one during the evening after you’ve been on a plane, and the other the following morning–focus first on what you think your skin needs best at the moment.  Your face is your first impression.  Keeping your skin in prime shape helps it reflect your true, fresh and lovely self; not the haphazard plane version we don’t recognize under those heinous fluorescents. 

👉 My move:  I typically use SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque the evening I arrive mask 2home, and Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque the morning after. It’s important to remember that our skin care needs change throughout the year.  I choose my most intensive skin care items based on my esthetician’s recommendations following periodic facials.

❤️ Extra love:  Keep a travel bottle of Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray in your bag at all times. The minerals help kill bacteria in the skin, the water helps keep your skin hydrated, it’s a great primer to use before resetting your makeup in the airport bathroom, and the cool mist feels amazingly refreshing after having been trapped in a metal vestibule with bottom-shelf wine and grimey tray tables all day.  

Whether you’re a constant plane dweller like me, or the occasional traveler, I hope you’ve found a helpful tip or two to remain your best self for your next flight.  Hours of baggage-toting, security-braving, germ-inhaling, armrest-sharing, tantrum-tolerating, hair-frizzing travel can drain even the best of us.  You deserve to be well.  Safe and happy travels!

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